Annual Turnover (Last 5 Years)

2022 : $ 91 (In million) 100%
2021 : $ 85 (In million) 90%
2020 : $ 72 (In million) 75%

Europe Bangla Apparel & Textiles Started export in 2008.Initially in 2008 the annual export was $3.20 million dollars. Within 15 years this annual turnover dramatically increased. Here we showed last three years annual turnover. In 2019 turnover was $50.00 million dollars. Gradually in 2020,2021,2022 the annual turnover was $72.00 million, $85.00 million and the last its significantly increased to $91 million dollars.


Total Employees


Sewing Capacity (Pcs./Day)


Knitting Capacity (Kg./Day)


Dyeing Capacity (Kg./Day)

Policy of Europe Bangla Apparel & Textiles

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Compensation & Benefits

When most people hear the term compensation they think about “what a person is paid”. Although this is true, it is only one aspect of a complex topic.

Child Labor & Remedition

Child labor remediation policy refers to what actions the employer proposes to take in case a child labor is found out in his organisation.

Health & Safety

All workers have the right to return home each day safe and sound.Preventing work-related illness and injury is the most important job at any workplace

Environmental Policy

An environmental policy is the organisation’s overall environmental performance intentions and direction formally expressed by top management.

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Md. Nazrul Islam Chowdhury

Managing Director

With the dream of digital Bangladesh, we cope with all modern technology including trade cards of world-renowned & advanced communities. We are capable of meeting all your needs, as we are backed and supported by experienced professionals and have relations with many companies all over the globe and their agents in Bangladesh.