Central Fire Detection System

All buildings are fitted with a Central Particularly Addressable Fire/Smoke Detection System (CTec, UK) interconnected with 46 Smoke detector addresses, 2 Photo-electric Heat Detector addresses, audio-visual Fire Alarms, and Manual Call Points.

The Fire Safety Officer desk includes the Fire Detection Panel, PA system, and Security Camera Monitor (all connected to a dedicated backup power source) for efficient safety system supervision.

Emergency Hydrant System

The system can provide a flow of 900 lit/min for 3 hours whilst the Canal Reservoir Water Capacity is 60,000 liters.

It uses a motor-driven Fire Pump (Milnar, BD), Multistage Jockey Pump (DP, Holland), Auto Control Panel, Pillar Hydrant, Gate Valves (KITZ, Japan), Foot Valves (Korea), Non-return Valves (KITZ, Japan) and Pressure Gauge (WIKA, Poland).

The system is automatically connected to a Dedicated Power Generator specifically for fire-fighting.

38mm (1.5”) fire-resistant fabric Hose reels (SRI, Malaysia) with adjustable nozzle and handle, quick shutoff, and coupler within a hose cabinet consisting of 18SWG sheet steel and glass door.

From any hose, the minimum jet of water is 40 feet (12 meters). 

Units Installed: 18/18.

Safety Training

All employees trained in firefighting participate in a bi-monthly internal extensive training program. All other employees receive monthly basic training.

A fire drill training takes place once a month. All employees have recently been trained by Bureau Veritas, the Firefighting department, and Unilever BGMEA.

Fire Exits

All Production Building has 3 staircases – 1 main entrance-exit Staircase plus 2 International Standard External Fire-Exit Staircases bridged to the open to prevent them from being filled out with smoke at any time for maximum safety. In addition to the 3 fire-exit staircases, the Main Production Building additionally has 2 Basket Ladders on either side of the building designed for safe descent. The ladders connect the 100% open roof to the ground and have access from each floor in between. Each floor has 2 Barred window doors with an internal release mechanism leading to the 2 Basket Ladders. The path to and the entire ladder itself is fenced with high-quality steel for additional safety.

Europe Bangla Apparel & Textiles is fully fitted with Certified Fire Proof Doors. They are 100% smoke and heat-proof, One hour fire resistant, outward opening, side swinging, not-lockable from either side, and fitted with Push-bars and Auto door closets. Proper aisle marks lead to each Exit. All Exits are highlighted by Exit Signs with emergency power backup and Fire Grade Emergency Lights. Fire-Exit Doors Installed = 23/23.

Electrical Safety

Europe Bangla Apparel & Textiles has passed the Electrical Safety Audit conducted by Bureau Veritas. Entire Electrical systems are maintained following best engineering practices.

Electrical diagrams are posted on respective electrical boards and panels. Circuits are optimized for maximum efficiency.