Production Facilities

We believe in the delivery of the best quality product at every stage of production with utmost effort from all sides. To fulfill the expectations of our valued customers through highly trained staff who are fully equipped to ensure high-quality control as per international standards. To maintain optimum quality we depend on using the strength of technology and very close supervision. That’s why we follow three-stage quality control systems such as in line, pre-quality, and final inspection. Our production floor are very wide and spacious having pure drinking water, proper fire exit, evacuate roadway marking, and fresh air way passing passage trough out south to north direction.


Health & Safty

It’s a major concern of our company. We are checking regular basis in order to ensure that all the electric lines and equipment are safe & protected. Protective gloves and masks are given to workers who are working with risk with regard to washing chemicals and yarn fluff respectively. Our factory has four evacuation doors on each floor and carries out fire drill exercises on time. Required numbers of fire extinguishers are in place in the factory which checked regularly in due course. It’s our policy to keep the fire exit open even if a member of the workers is stacked inside the factory building during the time of the fire disaster.

Quality Assurance

We do comply with all garment testing for color fastness, pilling, fiber composition, etc are done from S G S or I T S Bangladesh or as per the buyer’s choice.

Our factory has been awarded a certificate of ISO 9001:2000 from recognized organizations for “Quality Systems” by United Register Systems Ltd., of which ref. no.URS-2011/Mark-bddtd. 30.09.2011.

Others Facilities

Medical Facility:

Mark Sweater has its own medical Centre with an M.B.B.S doctor and health and safety trained nurse. They are equipped with the necessary medicine and surgical tools for urgent treatment.

No Child Labor:

We don’t allow any child labor as per the agreement duly being signed between our Mother Organization BGMEA & I L O . During the time of recruitment the worker has to declare age in writing which could be verified by the government civil surgeon's office if necessary.

Bathroom Facility:

Sufficient numbers of healthy bathrooms ( Toilet ) have been made on each floor and they are kept clean regularly twice a day and maintained hygienic process.